Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick list of films I've already seen

Normally, by the time the festival starts, I've already seen a large number of the films on offer. This year, that number is a rather pathetic five, so something somewhere has gone terribly, terribly wrong. Edinburgh's woes this year have been well-publicised elsewhere so I won't bother going into them here but here's a blog post I wrote for The Blog No-one Reads about the Edinburgh line-up and the films I was looking forward to the most (based on a cursory glance at the programme).

Anyway, the films I've seen so far are:

The Guard (4 stars, see Day One's featured film).

Jack Goes Boating (2 stars, felt too stagey and Hoffman's lead character didn't really work for me)

Ghosted (2 stars, might have given it 3 if I hadn't seen a better British prison movie that week - liked Craig Parkinson a lot, but it was let down by a painfully contrived ending)

Meet Monica Velour (3 stars, low-key but very enjoyable, a sort of Napoleon Dynamite meets...well, meets a trailer-trash version of Kim Cattrall)

Countdown to Zero (which I'm probably going to see again while I'm up here because 1) I saw it ages ago, 2) I can't remember anything about it and 3) It's out next week).

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