Friday, June 17, 2011

Day One - "Fischer-watchers refer to this period as 'The Wilderness Years'..."

Featured review of the day: Opening Night Gala - The Guard.

Other films seen today:

Bobby Fischer Against the World (4 stars; see Day Three's featured film).

Truth About Men (4 stars, like a Danish version of (500) Days of Summer - review to follow).

Our Day Will Come (3 stars, bizarre Ginger Apocalypse drama starring Vincent Cassel - review to follow).

Tomboy (4 stars, currently the front-runner for my favourite film of the festival - see Day Two's featured film).

This was also the day of the Opening Night Party. Officially the lowest-attended opening night party I have ever been to. The dancefloor was literally deserted all night long. They did have delicious hot pork buns though, so it wasn't all bad...

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