Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day Four - "You don't even got any class..."

Today's featured review: Perfect Sense. Personally, if it had been up to me to choose which press photos to make available, I would have gone with a still of Ewan McGregor and Eva Green eating soap in the bath. I'm just saying.

Other films seen today:

Trollhunter (4 stars, clever blend of Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield that has a lot of fun with existing mythology. Pretty sure there's a Fungus the Bogeyman reference in there too. Need to see this again).

The Caller (3 stars. Enjoyable, if ridiculous horror / thriller in which the lovely Rachel LeFevre is menaced by someone who's calling her from 1977 or so. Has a couple of very effective moments and on this evidence, LeFevre deserves to be a bigger star).

Bombay Beach (4 stars. Extraordinary blend of documentary and dance that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Ostensibly a portrait of an impoverished California community in Salton Sea, Alma Har'el's film follows around several different characters and occasionally they perform stunning choreographed dance sequences to the music of Beirut. I am not someone who is normally moved by dance sequences as a rule, but this really got to me. I'm still processing it a day later. I might even end up giving it 5 stars. Director Alma Har'el is lovely too - it's a shame there wasn't a Q&A at the public screening I went to).

Jessica Brown Findlay update: Despite repeated and increasingly desperate entreaties, I have been unable to secure an interview with Jessica Brown Findlay. I have been offered Sebastian Koch instead, which is, I think we can all agree, NOT THE SAME, as these photos will attest.

Jessica Brown Findlay:

Sebastian Koch:


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