Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day Eight

Featured review of the day: Elite Squad

Cheating again, but:

Bigga Than Ben

British drama starring Andrei Chadov and Ben Barnes as Spiker and Cobakka, two best friends and self-confessed Moscow scum, who come to London intending to make some fast cash.

ViewLondon review of Bigga Than Ben. I didn't like it much, though. Two stars.

Dangerous Liaisons

The French version, which I'd wanted to see for years and it didn't disappoint. I'm a huge fan of the Stephen Frears version - I'd seen the play, read the book, bought the soundtrack, had the stills, the theatrical poster and the video shop poster, so this was basically completing the set. Anyway, it was excellent and one of the highlights of the festival, for me.


ViewEdinburgh review of Transsiberian

One of the few reviewed Edinburgh films not to get a UK theatrical release (it went straight to DVD), which is a shame, because I'm a huge fan of director Brad Anderson and am also one of the few people I know to have seen ALL his films (including brilliant is-he-isn't-he time-travel romcom Happy Accidents, starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Marisa Tomei). Enjoyed this a lot, but then I'm a sucker for any film featuring a) trains and b) snow and this had both, in copious abundance.


American indie drama about a middle-aged salesman.

This was a thoroughly depressing experience that played like a real-life Death of a Salesman. Jeff Clark plays a salesman who's staked his life savings in order to get a stake in a company selling a new cure-all "Wellness" pill. Essentially, it's a Pyramid Scheme, but the salesman never realises, which makes the ensuing film all the more excruciating to watch. That said, the film really stays with you and Jeff Clark is absolutely superb. Four stars. Should be shown to anyone who thinks a Pyramid Scheme is a really good idea.

Let the Right One In

ViewLondon review of Let the Right One In

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