Monday, August 13, 2007

Some notes about last year

It wouldn't be fair to just leave last year unfinished without a few notes, so here are a few things about last year's EIFF.

I ended up seeing 60 films in 10 days, which seemed appropriate as it was the 60th festival. I had the option to see a couple more but stopped at 60 because of the 60 years / 60 films thing.

The top ten films I saw at the Festival last year were:

1) Jindabyne
2) Air Guitar Nation
3) Sherrybaby
4) Twelve and Holding (which got a blink-and-you'll-miss-it release)
5) The Aura (still unreleased)
6) One Fine Day (still unreleased)
7) The Ring Finger (still unreleased)
8) Neo Ned (still unreleased)
9) Summer '04 (still unreleased)
10) The Right of the Weakest (still unreleased)

Special mentions to: The Host, London to Brighton, Brothers of the Head, The Treatment, loudQUIETloud (which went straight to DVD), Stephanie Daley, The Lost and Art School Confidential.

Highlight of the festival: Meeting J.K. Rowling at the "Driving Lessons" tea party and chatting for about 20 minutes. At the same party I also chatted to John Hurt and Harry Shearer, Rupert Grint set his t-shirt on fire (by accident) and Julie Walters hugged me by mistake. So that was fun.

Party of the festival: The two "Aireoke" (like Karaoke but with Air Guitar) parties for Air Guitar Nation. The first one was good but the second one was even better. If I ever go to an Aireoke Party again I am definitely doing "Duelling Banjos".

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