Monday, August 13, 2007

Edinburgh Film Festival 2007

Well, I made it up in one piece, despite not getting any sleep at all the night before. I even managed to reunite with my quiz team (well, a quiz team who have adopted me) from last year and defend our title at the FilmHouse Film Quiz. We were handicapped with a minus six point start and we still won by six points. So that was nice.

Unusually, there are no press screenings today, so I'm going to spend the day going through the programme and sorting out a screening schedule. (I usually do that on the train up but a) I didn't have a table seat and b) I was too tired). However, I've already seen a large number of the gala screenings this year (including Hallam Foe, Death Proof, Two Days In Paris, Once, The Year of the Dog and so on - full list to follow after programme scrutiny) so instead of doing my usual thing of ignoring them, I'm going to review them as if I'd seen them here, if you see what I mean. I imagine this will play merry hell with my annual numbers game, so I think that's going to take a back seat this year. My only real goal is to see enough films so that I've seen one for every day of the year so far and I'm currently 50 or so behind. I won't keep that tally here though as it was too confusing in 2005 (see below).

Goals for this year? Only one: to meet and hopefully interview John Waters...

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Indy Datta said...

Was the points deduction anything to do with the envelope full of cash you were allegedly seen taking from Ken Bates in the Blue Posts?