Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick list of films I've seen already

Normally, by the time the festival starts I've already seen a good handful of films in London beforehand, but for whatever reason (and it wasn't for lack of trying, as my failed attempt to get into a screening of The Runaways will attest - there was *actual pleading, but to no avail), I've only seen a small handful this year, some of which will be the featured reviews on my ViewEdinburgh coverage. They include:

Opening Night Gala - The Illusionist (wonderful, 4 stars)

World's Greatest Dad (very dark, very funny - 4 stars)

Winter's Bone (bleak, tense, brilliantly acted - 4 stars)

Heartbreaker (charming, funny - 4 stars)

22 Bullets (missed the first five minutes and ended up missing all , will attempt to catch the beginning - 4 stars)

The Rebound (generic Catherine Zeta-Jones romcom - no idea what this is doing in the festival - 3 stars)

EDIT: I forgot I'd also seen Hung but as I saw a test screening of it back in September it would be unfair to judge it on that version. I'm intending to see it again during the festival and will review it properly then. I tried to contact Ben Miller on Twitter to ask if he'd made any changes as a result of that screening but so far, no reply.

Finally, here's a link to a post I wrote for The Blog No-one Reads about the Edinburgh line-up in general and a couple of the films I'm looking forward to seeing.

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