Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Day Eleven - "You were expecting, maybe, Hannibal Lecter?"

Day: 239
Film total today: 3
Films seen so far this year: 232 (7 to go)

It's official: scenes of dog abuse are the "in" thing, this festival.


German serial killer movie - a lot more fun than it sounds.

The director of Antibodies:

I was slightly disturbed that the director shared the same penchant for woolly hats as his serial killer character in the movie. I mentioned it at the Q&A and he totally dodged the question. He also refused to admit that the ending was influenced by Se7en, but you can tell that it was.

The Egg Experience

Throughout the entire festival, every time I was sitting at the computers in the delegate centre, someone would come up from downstairs, looking blissed out and going on about the Egg and its Magical Relaxation Powers. So I decided to give it a go. And do you know? They were right.

The Egg:

I had a long chat with The Egg Man (see below) about it beforehand - The Egg was his creation and he was naturally rather evangelical about the whole thing. Also, I got lucky, because as we were talking, it became apparent that his next appointment hadn't shown up, so I got to go in straight away. (I enjoyed it so much that I reserved a slot for the next day...and then completely forgot about it). Anyway, inside the egg, there's a massage table, with the knee bit slightly raised. You go in and make yourself comfortable - The Egg Man makes you take off your shoes, jacket, etc. Then he leaves and shuts the door and that's when the Eggsperience begins. First the lights dim to complete darkness, then little pinpricks of light appear on the ceiling, resembling starlight. Then the music starts - from what The Egg Man had said, I'd expected it to be really crappy New Agey, music, but it was surprisingly tasteful and genuinely relaxing. Then the egg releases scented oils into the air and it's at that point that the massage table kicks into gear, gently massaging you up and down your back. For some reason, it seems to spend an inordinate amount of time on the arse, which, I suppose, for a film festival, is quite appropriate. At any rate, as he'd promised, it was incredibly relaxing, but just as I was nodding off to sleep, it finished and The Egg Man arrived to let me out. He said that if it lasted any longer than 15 minutes, he'd be constantly waking people up, because everyone said the same thing. Anyway, it was terrific. I want one. I'd also recommend it to anyone - I really hope he's back next year. Thank you, Egg Man!

The Egg Man:

I was dying to ask him how many times he'd heard the phrase "Goo goo ga-joob" during the festival...

The Wedding

Polish comedy about a wedding that goes horribly wrong.

Closing Night Gala: The Business

Costa del Crime thriller starring Danny Dyer.

Closing Night Party

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